Strategic Audit

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Business Strategy /Strategic Management 

Assignment Brief

Strategic Audit

Each student must complete a strategic audit of a company using at least two analytical frameworks to complete the audit.

Assessment Guidelines

 Company names must be selected and approved by the lecturer.

Students must submit a written report on the 29rd November 2017 (4pm).  Reports must also be submitted electronically through the turnitin process.

The report should contain:

  • Overview of organisation
  • Strategy statement
  • Company’s strategic capabilities
  • Strategic position in the external market  Conclusions /Strategic recommendations.

Main body of report should be 6-8 pages in length.  In addition, please include title page, list of contents and references / bibliographic material.  Illustrations, figures and tables must be titled and all text must be in 1.5 spacing, font 12.  Late submissions will receive a 5% penalty (per day submitted after deadline).